“VISION” Eye Clinic

The “Vision” Eye Care Centre is a part of VISION Group of companies working in optical business since 1992.

15 лет успешной работы в сфере офтальмологии;

25 лет успешной работы в сфере оптики;

3,5 тыс глазных операций в год;

30 тыс. пациентов обрели счастье видеть;

20 стран география наших пациентов.

Eye center “VISION” is a modern eye clinic, specialized in advanced diagnostics and eye surgery including laser vision correction, surgery of cataract, glaucoma and retinal diseases.

The “VISION” eye clinic offers an affordable price for the wide range of services in ophthalmology for the whole family from kids to elderly people.

We pay special attention to therapeutic methods, especially for children. All diagnostic procedures in our clinic are safe and painless.

3 important “IFs”

If you eyesight is getting worse,

If you have relatives suffering from an eye disease,

If you have red eye or eye sore, 

we recommend you to make a full eye exam (at least once a year).

A full eye examination should include different procedures: tonometry, visual field test, visual acuity test and the others) with normal pupil and with pupil dilation.

You can get a 10% discount for an eye examination ordered online: 2520 RUB instead of 2 800 (regular price).

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Why the “VISION” eye clinic?

When you choose “VISION”,

  • you can be calm, because “VISION” is a great team of professionals. We love our work and do our best to keep our patients happy.
  • you will be confident, because our specialists use the advanced treatment technology, and innovative equipment in diagnostics and surgery.
  • you can be surethat our service is value for money. Our fees are competitive and they are the same for foreigners and domestic patients. Many of our doctors speak English.

Our advantages:

  • our doctors are skilled ophthalmology professionals which successfully manage very complex and sever eye conditions.

  • we have state-of-the-art electronic and computer equipment for diagnostics and eye surgery.

  • we are conveniently located at the center of Moscow (5 min walk from Arbat and metro “Smolenskaya” metro station). We are open on weekends.

Eye center “VISION” is proud to have Dr. Boris Gorodetsky as a medical director and leading ophthalmic surgeon. Dr. Gorodetsky is an ophthalmologist with 30 years’ experience, a professor of medical science, member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) and the American
Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) - the largest global professional associations of ophthalmologists dealing with cataract surgery.

Dr. Gorodetsky performed complex eye surgeries in Germany, USA, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Japan and China. He is one of the authors of innovative surgical methods for cataract treatment. He is known for performing unique surgical procedures and sight restoration for patients who can’t find a solution for their eye problems elsewhere. 

Dr. Gorodetsky is an active proponent of medical therapy and reserve surgery for those cases where other treatment is expected to be less effective.

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Call +7 (495) 937-81-24 or e-mail: visionclinic@mail.ru!

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